special meeting of the board

There will be a special meeting of the board of trustees on Wednesday October 28th at 7pm to review a bond resolution, a SEQR and an estoppel notice for approval to purchase a new garbage truck for the village.

The meeting will be held via Zoom as well as in person. Read more >

Public Hearing regarding the purchase of a new garbage truck

There will be a public hearing on Oct 14, 2020 6:45 PM at the Village Hall in Schuylerville regarding the proposal to go out to bond for the purchase of a new garbage truck in the amount of $100,000 and to create a specific reserve named, Read more >

November meeting announcement

Please be advised that November meeting of the board of trustees will be held on Monday, November 9th this year, as the second Wednesday of the month would be Veteran’s Day. Read more >

Open Alternate Planning Board Member Positions

There are currently two open positions for planning board alternate members.

The board meets a maximum of once a month, but historically this is closer to 6 times a year, as they only meet when there is a need to review building plans. Read more >

workshop start time revision

The village workshop will be held at 6:00 pm to allow extra time for a special presentation on handling calls domestic violence issues and information on resources for those in need of them. Read more >

DPW position opening

Schuylerville DPW Laborer Class B lic. (or permit) Immediate start. Pick up app @ village office 35 Spring Street M-F 9am-2pm by appointment or use the link below to fill electronically. Accepting applications until September 25

Application-for-Employment-fillable Read more >

Proposed Zoning

The Board of the Village of Schuylerville will be reviewing proposed zoning at the upcoming meetings in October and November. Once the board has reviewed and approved of the zoning, an announcement will go out for a public hearing on the zoning. Read more >

GE summary report RE: Old Canal testing data and information

Hud OCC DSR Final_Text_Tables_Figures_07312020

Attachment B and C Read more >

Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management Proposed Master Plan

Schuylerville Victory BOWM Water Master Plan_Final Read more >

Mayoral Announcement with office hours

Dear Village Residents,


I hope everyone is doing well and you all have been in my thoughts during this ongoing pandemic. As you know, we have entered the “re-opening” phases issued by the Governor. While this is great news and I assume everyone is looking forward to a return to some sort of normalcy, Read more >