Energy assistance from NYS

consumer assistance programs

energy affordability & electric & natural gas bill relief programs

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Alternate Street Parking begins December 1st, or first snowfall

Dont Let this happen to you!!!

Parking law is as follows; Alternate Street Parking 2022

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RFP for Sidewalks bids due October 3rd 5pm selection October 3rd 6:15 pm

2022 09-10 RFP for SAM grant sidewalks

The areas in the attached images that are highlighted in blue are to be replaced. The areas in red are not.

planned areas for sidewalk replacement

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Water bills can now be paid online!

Click on the link below to pay

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SVBOWM 2021 Water Quality Report

2021 Annual Water Quality Report Read more >

Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management Adopted Budget

2023 SVBOWM adopted budget revenues

2023 SVBOWM adopted budget expends


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Junk Week Pick Up 2022

Trash week DO and DONTjune2022 Read more >

2022-2023 Adopted Budgets

2023 General Fund Adopted Budget

2023 Sewer Fund Adopted Budget

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