Zoning Commission Openings

The Village of Schuylerville is looking for members for our Zoning Commission. This position is a temporary one to begin the process of revisiting adopting zoning for the village. Zoning Commission members can also be planning board members. Contact Mayor Carpenter at dcarpenter@villageofschuylerville.org if you are interested in this position. Read more >

Proposed Zoning

The Board of the Village of Schuylerville will be reviewing proposed zoning at the upcoming meetings in October and November. Once the board has reviewed and approved of the zoning, an announcement will go out for a public hearing on the zoning. Read more >

GE summary report RE: Old Canal testing data and information

Hud OCC DSR Final_Text_Tables_Figures_07312020

Attachment B and C Read more >

Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management Proposed Master Plan

Schuylerville Victory BOWM Water Master Plan_Final Read more >

Victory Mills Project

Mill project details Read more >