Schuylerville, NY Burn Laws

Due to the concerns for Public Safety of the residents of the Village, the following local law passed in 1992, is posted:

Burning: Outdoor*

Legislative Intent. The intent is to prohibit open burning within the Village of Schuylerville limits. the open burning of garbage, rubbish, brush, etc., is an unsafe practice and creates an unhealthy environment for the residents of the community.

Prohibited burning. No person shall burn, allow or permit to be burned by open fire, on the ground or in any container, any brush, garbage, rubbish, plastic, tires, chemicals, leaves, wood, paper or any other materials that will produce smoke and/or odors.

Use of Outdoor Grills. The safe operation of gas and charcoal grills and the use of outdoor fireplaces for the preparation of food shall not be prohibited.

Restricted burning. The Village Board may authorize the Public Works Dept. or the Fire Department to burn structures, lumber, brush, or other items, provided that all necessary permits required by the Health Dept. or New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation are obtained.

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