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To contact the water board e-mail svbowm1@yahoo.com or call (518) 695-3881

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Schuylerville-Victory Annual Water Quality Report

Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management Minutes

2019 02-25 meeting minutes PDF

2019 1-21 meeting minutes PDF

2018 12-17 meeting minutes

2018 11-19 minutes

2018 10-15 minutes pdf

2018 9-17 meeting minutes

2018 8-20 Water Board minutes

2018 7-16 Water Board minutes

2018 6-18 Water board minutes

2018 5-21 Water Board Minutes

2018 4-16 Water Board minutes

2018 3-19 Water Board Minutes

2018-2-26 Water Board Minutes

2018 1-22 Water Board Minutes

2017 12-18 Water Board Minutes

2017 11-20 Water Board Minutes

2017 10-16 Water Board Minutes

2017 9-26 Water Board Minutes

2017 8-21 Water Board Minutes

2017 7-17 Water Board Minutes

2017 06-17 Water Board Minutes

2017 5-25 Water Board Minutes

2017 4-17 Water Board Minutes


Water operations are administered by the Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management (BOWM). The Village of Schuylerville is the lead agent and handles quarterly (March, June , Sept. , Dec.) water billings and collections.


Make checks payable to “S/V BOWM”. Payments are accepted at the Village of Schuylerville office, 35 Spring St. Schuylerville NY and the Village of Victory Offices, 23 Pine St., Victory Mills. Please contact the Water Administration Clerk at the Village of Schuylerville offices if additional information is needed. Payments may also be placed through the mail slot in the door at the Village of  Schuylerville.

Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management Members

Chairman Daniel Baker
Commissioner Michael Hughes
Commissioner Timothy Healy
Commissioner Leslie Dennison


Schuylerville Victory Board of Water Management Clerk

Cory Heyman

The water department  can be contacted through the Village Office by telephone (518-695-3881) or through the Village website.